The first week of every month is "Fresh Seafood Week," and this means delicious, fresh seafood in-stock at our store!

Fresh seafood is available to order throughout the year, with weekly deliveries being made to our warehouse - "Fresh Seafood Week," on the other hand, is the one week per month where we bring in our own choice selection of seafood to share both popular and exotic seafood with our customers. What started as "Fresh Seafood Friday" has become so popular that we extended it to the full week (starting Tuesday, when our delivery comes in). Since we started this monthly tradition, we've brought in everything from whole atlantic salmon to fresh mussels, and even baby octopus! We welcome suggestions from you, too, so stop in the first Friday of the month to check out what we've brought in, then make us your source for your regular seafood orders! And don't forget to check out our selection of frozen seafood, too. Stocked regularly at A.F. Wendling's Market!

Last modification: Wed 27 May 2015