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Our Story

Our story began in Charleston, West Virginia when founder Albert Wendling started the business of delivering fresh meats to customers in 1913. Always the innovator, Albert could be seen cutting ice from the river and moving it to a storage area to cool the meats and keep them fresh. He'd then load the goods onto his delivery vehicle to bring to waiting customers who appreciated his personal attention to their needs.

Over 100 years later, our company has grown to become the largest independent family-owned and operated broadline food service distributor in West Virginia - serving the Mountain State, Virginia, and border markets in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. We stock over 9,000 products (and have access to thousands more) including fresh seafood, produce, dairy items, and a growing line of non-foods products including paper, chemicals, and more.

We are proud to continue the heritage of A. F. Wendling through our own USDA-inspected meat processing facility offering fresh meats hand-cut to order.

Most importantly, we are proud of our family of employees who are dedicated to offering a unique brand of personalized customer service... one customer at a time.

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