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Our family business began with one man, one idea, and one customer... In 1913, Albert F. Wendling took his idea of delivering fresh butchered meats to his first customer in Charleston, West Virginia. He made sure that customer got the very best quality and he went the extra mile for service. The first customer told another and the business grew behind a personal commitment to meet the unique needs of each customer... one at a time.
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Our HyPlains Heritage Farms™ Premier Choice Angus beef is processed exclusively at our world-class Dodge City facility. We combine our premier marbling requirements with a commitment to tight specifications to consistently deliver exceptional taste and tenderness.
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Our PierFresh brand sources product from the highest quality suppliers who select the freshest, safest, sustainable species from around the globe. Each order is custom packed for our customers and shipped through our own distribution system in the most direct route to deliver the product fresh and conserve energy. Be sure to ask your Wendling's Sales Consultant about our PierFresh Premium Seafood.
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Supply Works is the non-foods divisions of

A.F. Wendling, Inc. offering a complete line of products for needs beyond the plate including: equipment installation and service (dishwashers, soap dispensers, coffee machines, etc.), paper products and disposables, trash can liners, latex gloves, dinnerware, catering supplies, chemicals and sanitary solutions for food safety, bio-degradable and environmentally friendly "green" solutions.

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